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0161 974 3472

Manchester, United Kingdom

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  • Car Accident Compensation Scam
  • Mobile phone fraud
  • computer software service fraud

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  • Car Accident Compensation Scam

    2018.09.18 17:59:38Flag

    this number is the second call I have received in two days about an accident in march, they are just trying it on because they only have half the story and when you challenge them they come up with a load of crap that they will put there records in order.Where do they get the info from?

    0161 974 3472 Caller ID accident
  • C


    Car Accident Compensation Scam

    2018.09.12 16:48:08Flag

    Scam call - allegedly trying to get compensation for other 'at fault' driver. Case closed by my insurer

    0161 974 3472 Caller ID Scam call
  • A


    Car Accident Compensation Scam

    2018.09.12 15:21:54Flag

    scam - pretending to be working with my insurer regarding my accident where i wasn't at fault. They got unstuck because i was the at fault driver....!

    0161 974 3472 Caller ID accident scam call Scam call
  • K


    Car Accident Compensation Scam

    2018.09.11 11:16:56Flag

    Keeps calling my mobile about a car accident that I had, then gets disconnected. Scam about other driver trying to get compensation.

    0161 974 3472 Caller ID accident car accident scam Scam call

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    Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
    Type: Fixed Line

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    0161 974 3472
    +44 1619743472

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