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United Kingdom

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  • HMRC Scam
  • Mobile phone fraud
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    Mobile phone fraud

    2018.12.13 09:53:12Flag

    Keeps calling.SCAM CALLER automated message saying tax fraud against my name. Suggest anyone receiving this call hang up and BLOCK CALLER. On an iPhone go to recent calls and next to the number you will see i icon. Hit this and scroll right to the bottom and then hit Block Caller Hope this helps

    0300 200 3310 Caller ID Scam call tax
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    HMRC Scam

    2018.12.05 12:34:05Flag

    Fake - said there was an arrest warrant under my name. She had an American accent - HMRC would not be American

    0300 200 3310 Caller ID hmrc imposter
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    HMRC Scam

    2018.09.13 11:34:45Flag

    Had a voice mail left being told to call 02032861356, when called was told that owed £4829 by an Indian man due to tax invasion and fraud. When I asked why I had not received anything in writing previously he became very rude and aggressive. He went on to say that I would be taken to court, passport seized, bank accounts frozen and court charges of over £19000. I asked how this could be resolved and he then put me through to his manager. Who asked me to make the payment, I said I would have to call back to make the payment, he gave me his name Michael Carter. I did not call back after seeking advice from my accountant. Very scary scam!

    0300 200 3310 Caller ID Bank bank account tax
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    0300 200 3310

    2018.07.14 14:52:04Flag

    Scam, this is not HMRC.

    0300 200 3310 Caller ID

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    Location: United Kingdom
    Type: Fixed line /Mobile

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    0300 200 3310
    +44 3002003310

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